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Manufactured with Concrete

Green options also available;
including Agg-Crete, Plas-Crete, Glass-Crete and EPS-Crete. See: Environment Page

Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks

The Economical and Expedient choice for protection of critical resources from blast, ballistic and crash impacts, including:

Main Gates
Entry Control Points
Vehicles & Heavy Equipment
Fuel Storage Facilities
Command Posts
Communication Facilities
Utility Systems
Security Forces Fighting Positions

Plas-Crete Blocks protect critical resources by:
• Blocking directly and indirectly fired weapons
• Protecting against small arms fire & shrapnel
• Deflecting near miss bomb & projectile blasts
• Preventing chain reaction explosions

Force Protection

The Many Advantages of Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks

1) IMPACT ABSORPTION: Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks are specifically engineered to have a compressive strength of 1,400 - 1,700 psi. Plas-Crete, a cement and mixed plastic aggregate composite material, is well-suited for force protection applications. This strong, innovative composite reduces potentially fatal ricocheting and flying collateral material upon blast, crash or ballistic impacts. Demonstrations and tests have proven that Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks absorb ballistic rounds and withstand massive blasts.

2) NO LEAKS OR CRACKS: Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks are made of solid construction. They are capable of withstanding extreme hot and cold temperatures without degradation. They do not require filling with water or sand to be effective. As such, they are not susceptible to instant catastrophic failure due to an attack/impact which could drain other types of barrier’s contents.

3) YES, THEY STACK: Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks stack, providing a distinct advantage over jersey barriers and other barrier products. They may be stacked 4, 6, 8, 10 feet or higher and configured into infinite shapes and lengths.

4) SAVE TIME AND LABOR: Plas-Crete Blocks replace other time-consuming force protection and hardening methods such as poured walls, extremely heavy concrete blocks/revetments, sand bags, soil berms, and wood/metal pre-fabricated kits. Plas-Crete precast blocks are true-to-size, self-centering and fully nestable. A crew of two can deploy 25 blocks per hour using the block's inset hook, a chain and either a bobcat, forklift, or backhoe. You don't need a large piece of equipment. You'll have a completed project in just hours.

5) PERFECT FOR PERMANENT OR EXPEDIENT USE: Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks are designed for permanent or expedient use. Permanent installations are designed and installed on a case-by-case basis. For expedient use, we offer our Model FPB-2500-100HR Starter Package, which includes (2,500) Standard Blocks and (100) Standard Half Blocks. This Starter Package may be kept "in-stock" and deployed in just 100 hours across your facility during periods of increased threat.

Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks in Action at Blast and Ballistic Range!

Force Protection Equipment Demonstration IV, Quantico Marine Corps Base 6 - 8 May 2003

Blast Demonstration
Three Days - Each day:
50 pounds of TNT,
50' Away

A large crater marks the point of detonation, just 50 feet from the Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks. Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks remained in place and unharmed.

Force Protection

Force Protection

Ballistic Demonstration
Three Days - Each day:
(5) rounds of 9 mm
(5) rounds of 5.56 mm
(5) rounds of 7.62 mm
(5) rounds of 12 gauge slug
(All shots taken from a distance of 20 yards – zero ricochet’s!)

Plas-Crete Force Protection Blocks successfully absorbed, rather than deflected, 60 total rounds of ballistic ammunition.

Force Protection

Force Protection

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