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Manufactured with Concrete

Green options also available;
including Agg-Crete, Plas-Crete, Glass-Crete and EPS-Crete. See: Environment Page

Wall Caps and Wall Crowns

Whether your blocks have a smooth finish, a rough stone finish or a natural stone veneer finish, Conigliaro Block offers Wall Caps and Wall Crowns to finish your retaining wall off right.

Our most popular Wall Cap is 1’ x 2’ x 4’ with a smooth beveled finish or a rough stone finish.

smooth wall caps

Rough Stone Blocks with a Smooth Beveled Finish Wall Cap

rough stone cap

Rough Stone Blocks with a Rough Stone Finish Wall Cap

We also offer two sizes of Wall Crowns:

23” wide x 23” long x 3” tall
23” wide x 47” long x 3” tall

wall crowns

Recently manufactured 23” x 23” x 3” Wall Crowns

guard rail

Seawall – Blocks with Natural Stone Veneer and Rough Stone Wall Crowns, Cape Cod, MA

rough stone crowns sea wall

Rough Stone Wall Crowns on a Sea Wall, Cape Cod, MA

Block with Natural Stone Veneer and Rough Stone Wall Crown

Block with Natural Stone Veneer and Rough Stone Wall Crown

We also offer 24” x 24” x 2” Wall Crowns in a smooth finish.

caps on seawall

Our wall caps have females on the underside to match up with the males on the top row of blocks.

Our Wall Crowns are smooth bottomed and are typically glued down to the top of a flat wall using MasterWeld 948 construction adhesive.

For more information about our Retaining Wall Caps and Crowns, contact us:

(888) CONIG – 25

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